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Scanning Box for Shipment


Data Point Consultancy Services has been providing Enterprise Asset Management solutions since 2003. We are proud to have served enterprise customers from various industries, such as banks, pharmaceuticals, media, IT & Govt. organisations. Our recent projects have been very successful and we invite you to read more about them.


Data Point Consultancy Services is a IT consulting firm that has been providing customised solutions to large customers for web and mobile app development, on both iOS and Android platforms. Our recent projects have been particularly successful and we are proud of the results. Read more about our projects and see why we are the go-to company for your IT needs!

Car Park


QPass is your one-stop solution for parking and valet management. Our apps use the latest in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, UHF readers, RFID tags, Fastag integration, and GPS location tagging to make your parking and valet needs a breeze. Our apps are available for both Android and iOS, and our valet management system allows you to easily keep track of your car's parking location. Avail QPass and make parking and valet management a breeze.

Moving People


QPass is the leading provider of smart access control and people movement solutions. Our comprehensive system allows companies and organizations to secure their premises and monitor their staff with the latest technologies, such as facial recognition, QR codes, RFID and HID, and geo-fencing. We strive to provide the best solutions for our customers, and are always pushing the boundaries of access control and people movement technology. Our team of engineers and experts are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that make the process of managing access and movement quick, easy, and secure.



QPass is a comprehensive Visitor Management Suite that helps businesses manage their visitors, meetings, and security access. Our suite of apps offers smart access with QR codes and visitor management, meeting room management, security applications, reception dashboards, and pantry order & management. We are dedicated to providing our customers with an efficient, secure, and effective way of managing their visitors, meetings, and security access. Our goal is to make sure your business has the tools they need to stay on top of its visitor management operations. Connect with us for further information.

Cafe Interior


QPass is the ultimate Cafe Management Suite that helps Organisations manage their Cafes with ease. Our suite includes intuitive Android and iOS apps for employees to place food orders, a web app for POS with payment gateways, a KOT app for food preparation and assembling, a food delivery app, vendor management, and even food pics with nutritional content. With QPass, organisations are able to maximize their efficiency and ensure that employees have a great experience. Our suite of services makes running a cafe easier, faster, and more efficient.



QPass is an innovative hot desking solution that allows more people to work in fewer workstations. Our advanced algorithms help you maximize your office space, while our app feature provides notifications and alerts to employees to ensure workstations are being utilized efficiently. We understand the importance of creating a productive work environment and our goal is to make sure that every employee feels comfortable, secure and productive in their workspace. With QPass, you’ll be able to provide your employees with the best working experience.

Tall Building


QPass is a comprehensive facility management application that combines the power of locational-based QR codes with ticket creation and management, and an escalation matrix for comprehensive asset management. Our app provides businesses with the ability to streamline their facility management processes and improve employee productivity by providing them with the necessary tools to manage their facility assets with ease. QPass leverages the DataPoint Nuggetts Asset Management Platform to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency for managing and monitoring facility assets. Our app is designed to help businesses save time and money while improving the overall quality of their facility management operations.

File Folders


The DataPoint "FileFlow Pro" is a powerful, all-in-one file management and tracking solution that helps you stay organized. It utilizes RFID/Barcode tagging to easily identify and track your files, and features GPS coordinates for tracking exact locations. Plus, the integrated file front pic feature allows you to quickly identify each file at a glance. With FileFlow Pro, you can stay on top of your file management like never before.

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